Sunday School

Sunday School Christmas Program 2017

St. Paul Lutheran’s Sunday School begins at 9:30 a.m. Sundays from September to May.  We currently offer two Sunday School groups, one for younger children (about ages 2-6), and one for older kids (about 7 and up).  Parents and children are encourage to choose a Sunday School class that is most fitting for each child, regardless of age.

We are currently in a process of redoing our Sunday School area, and are excited about the changes over the coming months and years.  But don’t worry, none of the changes interfere with the wonderful experiences the kids have during Sunday School.


In addition to Sunday School, we have a children’s library, a play pray room, a prayground*, and a children’s roll** year round and a Vacation Bible School in the summer, not to mention pageants, our community picnic, and other child friendly activities through the year.  We also perform the sacrament of baptism and welcome children to the communion table for a blessing or to receive communion as soon as their parents feel they are ready.

* The prayground is part of our worship space.  It’s a children’s table covered with paper and topped with coloring books and crayons.  It allows children to engage in activities while being immerse in the experience of worship.  You might be amazed how much they pick up even when it seems they’re completely distracted by their coloring.

** The children’s roll is a short newsletter that goes out at regular intervals for parents with children under the age of 3, that offers age appropriate ideas for parents raising children of faith as they grow and prepare to enter Sunday School.